Zomby thread


currently peeping this trilogy tapes…


feeling this stuff more than the EP tbh


oh sorry

i posted something here and moved it to unpop-thread 'cus it’s unfair to people that like his stuff.



The people have spoken.


saw him in hackney wick last weekend, he was sick and that tune was the highlight


i really wished there was an option for ‘neither’

is anyone seeing him with mssingno tonight

i wish i was, looks live


Yeah, the event was sick. I wasn’t feeling the first half of Zomby’s set, don’t really rate the acid style stuff he’s just released but 2nd half was some old hardcore badness. Mumdance played the best set IMO. Train back to Brightom at 7am was savage af tho.


yeah that Zomby beat is ice too


Zombyrunner 2015

No surprise to see him on Dream Catalogue especially after his Radio1 mix. Needs to give his mate Actress a call sometime imo.



Listening to Zomby is a lot like being in an abusive relationship. It all starts out great; you know he’s an asshole but the good moments far outweigh the bad ones. It gets worse over time though, and like the frog who doesn’t realise the water is boiling around him, reaction comes far too late. Now you’re stuck, periodically hoping it’ll get better. But he still has his good moments, too, even though they became a lot less frequent. You’re just not ready to let go. You still await his messages eagerly, in hope of hearing something positive, instead you’re confronted with a constant stream of disappointment.

But, yknow, the best times were the best of your life…


That’s amazing haha


yeah his BBC radio1 show was filled with obscure vaporwave. what’s with that Zomby x Actress shit from a while back? doesn’t seem legit, a true collab would be nice


zomby is playing at the black swan in bristol at the end of this month, also kode 9 and om unit will be there


this is my local and a special club to me, the thought of him hanging around in the ‘backstage’ bit makes me laugh, proper rave venue u can still bun inside etc…


few quotes i heard at the phonox last night that i found amusing

“where’s the fucking hoes?”

“he should just create a mask that he can bun through”

“we’re not in boarding school anymore”

decent set though - jungle classics b2b wiley classics
played this from the top like everyone should do


how busy was it? I went to see Future Brown there a while back and the crowd was proper thin.




Don’t remind me…


how is it gone?

maybe he meant a different one as this only has 250 but this is the only “old” zomby thread i’m aware of https://www.dubstepforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=118885