Zomby thread


i guess yeah that’s where he first made his name and put stuff out, i think the good thing was that he didn’t really have a genre, bits of dubstep, grime, funky, jungle and other weird shit but it always sounded ‘zomby’

it’s something i’d really like someday to be able to grasp how to do myself


true dat. tbh, i think my favourite stuff zomby’s put out is the '92 album. some of the dubstep singles are a close second though.


his eponymous ep is gold


it’s all about what he didn’t put out for me

not entirely, almost all of his output pre dedication/with love period is fucking fire though-

strange fruit, gloop, spliff dub…

lemon did you ever find that ep he put out on here that got him banned?


tbf, I think it was the threats of violence to other members that got him banned, but yeah.


@nuSD5 do you have an archive of zombys posts on the old forum


sorry jess just got round to trying this, got a juno software synth on arp preset

what to you mean by that, (do i need to instead use arpeggiator effect to get more specific sound), do you mean have 2 reverbs one after another? one short and dry and one long and wet?

never really tried using 2 on the same thing


You were talking about 2001, right? If not, No has a similar thing going on, perhaps some chorus and shit like that.
I think abelton’s reverb has a single knob for dry/wet, right? If so, then make the dry low and the wet high. The arp itself should be fairly high in key and fast.


oh ok you meant one wet reverb, yeah it’s one knob


strange fruit/liquid dancehall was the 1


yeah it was all in the arp cheers!


EP 1 sounds like loops that didn’t make it onto Splazsh if Actress was 100x less subtle

gucci airhorn, armani


i like this more


wow thats truly an incedible tune

rezzett brings the rawness back thats generally missing from zombles tracks nowadays


Yeah, listened to that this morning and had it in mind all day. The snare melody is soooooo sick



i miss him :’(


this is great, thanks for this i didn’t catch it. brand new as well? why the hell didn’t he release it


that would be too easy lol

relentless self sabotage is his motto

can definitely see this dropping on trilogy tapes some point soon


Would make me so happy. New Rezzett is always good news, and Zomby didn’t muck up this one, so there’s hope. :raised_hands: