If you would like to hear some new 2step we have plenty on our label…


some more new 2 step on Strictly Flava


This is from last year. Reminds me of the golden days of 2-step.


Been Caining this!



I posted this start of the thread, absolute beauty


oh yeah and if anyone anywhere has a HQ mp3 of this id be extremely thankful

there are way too many gurley bangers with no available quality rips


Got the vinyl. Other side is a banger


Gis a rip pls??


Need and want a rip of pretty much every track in this thread. Best thread on the forum for highest percentage of quality music (didn’t know how to word that lol fukin retard)


Will try find a moment at the weekend. Try funkysouls int meantime


man funkysouls still up? lol man use to dl the hell outta that back ina day


Not sure tbf. Yeah man used to cane it. Them and torrentech


same, absolutely no idea how funkysouls is still going, links on there from like 2011 that still work i swear


Not really got the swing like alot of 2step has but still:

Wish there was a vinyl release


Love this remix


Forgot about this one, just came on my shuffle at work. 2009 techy 2-step vibes.


this is the exact opposite music of what the thread was made for lol

sorry the quality’s been so high generally that i gotta be a fascist about the rules. Only tunes that make u feel like a sexy roadman allowed


This been posted?


On the topic of 2step, I have the feeling that this Dr. Banana label is annoyingly becoming the new Bandulu - the last 2 or 3 releases I’ve tried to cop always end up being out of stock in less than an hour. It’s really a shame 'cause pretty much everything they put out is quality. They definitely should press up more, what do you guys think?