Bandulu Appreciation Thread


Even Redeye…
Jeeeez I was away from any electronic devices for 2h tops, this is ridiculous


i think there will be another batch that pops up :slight_smile:


Bagged four in total across the multiple shops, thanks to everyone posting links :thumbsup:




"500 copies is ridiculous. I have read Kahn’s post regarding the cost
limit in regards to printing >500 copies. This is no excuse. Unless
they are making a loss on each record (which I highly doubt) their is no
reason that they can’t print what is demanded by the public. The more
you sell, the more profit you will have to make more releases. Kahn and
the bandulu team are jeopardizing the loyalty of their fan-base in favor
of being seen as an ‘exclusive’ brand. This is not the way to run a
record label. This is music, not some high end fashion item.


This shit is cringey as fuk


I remember once years ago some Eastern European guy (I think) kicking off at Mala for not releasing Anti War Dub VIP even though there was a market for it.

This is similar to this. Entitlement of ‘fans’ thinking they’re owed something and know better than the artist/label in terms of how to best serve the fanbase.


Mala is lucky that I know who he is, he should be giving away all his tunes for free to show gratitude



Lol a steal indeed


Bandulu gang must be so proud, bet they all keep 20 copies each for ebay :skull:


I’m so glad I switched to digital
Still wish I’d been able to cop this to sell on Discogs for mad p.
I still like vinyl as a format, just not the hype / exclusivity that comes with buying records in this day and age. I find it hard to defend the reasoning behind labels being ‘vinyl only’ unless it’s some bootleg edit shit that can’t be sold any other way


Even then you can give it away as a free download


The exclusivity and demand for rare plates has always been there, even before the internet existed, in those days you had to spend a day walking round all the record shops and find stuff yourself, so it’s actually easier to get exclusive/rare releases in this day and age tbh


Ppl loosing their heads on 4 the wax cos some guy wants to sell/tradr his 4 copies.

Seriously if anyone has a problem with someone doing this they need to grow up.


Lol ok sam


tbh i don’t really buy new vinyl anymore, but i’m with sam on that 1 what a prick

just a scalper

at least just do it on discogs rather than put ur personal fb out there as a scalping little bastard


Apparently it’s a joke that he’s got 1 and his 3 mates have copy’s. Still bit of a bait thing to do but theeeen it’s kinda amusing seeing people freak the fuck out




that is a pretty good troll haha


Back then records were only pressed in small numbers if that’s as much as they thought they would sell. This newest Bandulu sold out in minutes (including the plain sleeve repress) so I don’t really see the comparison. And on top of that labels have the option to do digital now as well…