Bandulu Appreciation Thread


Not true


Yeah there will be more plain sleeve ones available, so I don’t see why everyone’s acting out.


Way to misquote me there




What did you mean then?


thought that sick intro before the fierce remix on the soundcloud clip would also be on the record :neutral:


Is it not? :crying:


appaz the next bandulu may only be limited to 100 for bristol heads
should be enough of the 400 left for everyone on here and discogs. guarantee someone will kick off for not getting one though


All the complaining and bullshit aside I don’t think it’s been said enough (I know it’s been implied by the demand but still…) absolutely massive release, for some reason was sure the Fierce remix would stay a dub, maybe they feel they’ve rinsed it out enough at shows.

Am so excited to mix both


round 2


Missed it :corncry:


no doubt it’ll be on redeye, etc soon


It was there already and ofc sold out.


nah the repress hasn’t been on redeye/unearthed yet. They’ve had the first plain sleeve version, but not the repress. Even on Juno records there’s a placeholder for it, but u can’t preorder it yet - release date is 27th March:


Ah ok I thought the plain sleeve was the repress.


some on scotch bonnet now as it goes…


yeah it may well have been the repress but the bandulu lot said there would be a 2nd repress to meet demand I think


sam hall’s a mug




Thanks, bought another copy so i can sell to pay for new Monitors