Bandulu Appreciation Thread


S is for Sharks


Max is an entitled little fella lol


“But I got up earlier than everyone else so I DESERVE IT MORE”

When generation snowflake combines with vinyl fetishism.


lol ur making waves on the internets :lol_og:

Juturna. February 3, 2017
A seller called DubChamp uk wants £70 and £4.99 to post it :laughing: what an absolute thermal mug.


Up on redeye. Just checked during my lunch and copped it. :cornstrobe:*plain-sleeve-version-one-per-person


This page is cringe as fuck usually but otu to @muncey for this


On the day bandcamp donate their profits to the American civil liberties union, bandulu donate theirs to discogs sharks :joy:


ah gerrahere man. the amount of hurt ppl over this is too much uno. guy can do whatever he wants with his tune.

gonna go against the tide and say fair play to the bandulu lot, they’re catering to their home crowd first and everyone else after.
i don’t rly see a problem in that. and like someone else said, regardless of whether the site crashed or not people would still moan if they didn’t get one. who’s to say that people who were able to order online won’t instantly resell it once it’s delivered to them either.


as long as they press up plenty of the plain sleeve version it’s not really a problem, tunes are still the same


trust. a lot of ppl (both consumer and some labels tbh) seem to mis-value the point of vinyl nowadays.

saying a producer isn’t ‘proper’ or crying over not having the full artwork release just for the purpose of completing your collection is str8 petty.


yeah i mean they screen print and number these sleeves by hand…500 must be loooong, fuck tryna do even 1000.

I’m gutted I didn’t get the pretty one but not salty at bandulu


I gave up buying limited edition artwork releases a while a go, anyone got a link for the plain one?





shit yeah…there will be more no doubt


ZamZam have the model to follow for vinyl only/limited one pressing. Their first releases were 500 then when demand went up they started pressing 600… 700… now they press like 900/1000.

Still limited enough to keep it tru head but just rising slightly as their demand and popularity rises.

In terms of Bandulu they could have done 500 for 1-5 then 6-10 say 600, or 750. W/E… just reviewing it regularly as demand increases. Its not difficult and would avoid all this agro + more P for them + keep it tru hed limited.


Are these the full artwork releases?


plain sleeve


doesn’t matter cause they’re sold out as well now


yeah… :confused:
supposedly, should have some full artwork ones coming aswell, but… yeah