Bandulu Appreciation Thread


might do the same :joy:


Big ups, thought I would never cop.




What’s to stop someone from setting up 2 x Discogs accounts, and then just ‘selling’ a record from one to another so as to artificially inflate the price?

Say for example I used account A to list a copy of Fierce for £500, which I then ‘sell’ to account B. Whether or not I have the record is irrelevant, if the money is just transferring from one account to another nothing has to actually ship.

Discogs statistics are then forever fucked for that record, as it’s down as being ‘sold’ for £500 meaning future (legit) sales would be priced against the inflated fee.

Not that I’d consider making multiple accounts on a site just to fuck with people, obviously.


Nothing other than you have to pay discogs for “selling” something for £500 which I think is 10% or so.


“$1 item = $0.10 (minimum fee) $100 item = $8.00 (8% fee) $5,000 item = $150 (maximum fee)”

So on £500 that’s £40.

Not a showstopper, but I see your point.


more copies at unearthed if anyone missed it


hope rwdfwd have upgraded their 33.6k modem


what record is that gonna be?


no idea, looks like next bandulu tho


Bandulu Records 009 // on sale this Friday (30th June) at the usual online stores

more info soon…

who’s looking forward to another round of frantic agonizing f5 hysteria??



gonna try get 3 at least this time


Trusik suggests it’s the Hot It Up remix


lol already got that on vinyl…won’t bother with the F5 shenanigans if that’s the only bit on there worth copping


it was listed as bandulu on the fabriclive mix, so yeah, possible


Yeah Juno seems to agree, Kahn & Neek and O$VMV$M remixes


Kahn: it’ll be available from different shops including Red Eye, White Peach and Scotch Bonnet so they’ll probably go up at different times depending on the outlet.

thank fuck for that! :hooray:


Nice stuff on the remixer’s soundcloud


yeah O$VMV$M are basically Neek and Amos Childs (who is one half of Jabu)