Bandulu Appreciation Thread


This was supposed to be my first with the full artwork :frowning:


Ah fuuuuck, out of stock !

Brb, gonna start listening to shitty EDM… at least, you’re not facing the f5 of dread for each big release.


Got one. 35 mins of refreshing payed off :sunglasses:



picked up a copy in take 5 yesterday. saw nuff people leave straight after picking up the record and not even bother staying for the in-store event l0l. my guess is those copies will be up on discogs before the end of the week.


This day incredibly sucks so far. Initially I was supposed to be on a plane at the time it went on sale, eventually I didn’t take the plane because I booked a ticket for the same days, but in FUCKING MARCH instead of February… Thought I would ease the pain with copping this, but of course I didn’t get it.

Probably gonna light up a fat spliff and go back to bed tbh.

Fuck buying records in 2017, for real.


Is there a reasoning for the whole rwdfwd exclusivity thing


they’re part of the bristol lot - mates of bandulu, etc


“Emboldened by Donald Trump, Bristol-based label decides to…”




Loving the salty facebook comments :cornlol:


love the new thread title :gunfinger:



when u plan on copping the rips off a boog dl site


(actually waiting 4 the repress on this 1, brilliant record and first bandulu i’ve felt like copping in tiiime)


Normally I don’t mind getting the plain sleeves but the artwork on this one was pretty serious!!


Genuinely the first bandulu I’ve copped :eyes:



I don’t get why people are blaming the website lol, even if it worked faultlessly the same amount of people would still not have the record.


Someone book me to play a bandulu set where I just play the catalogue from start to finish while holding up the artwork for each one.

Special guest final one loofah midnight while holding up a poster of his dog.

2k ONO

Rider: 26 bottles of Moët.

Will only play to a sold out crowd of 80,000+

@Johnlenham @Riddles u guys interested?


Bagged a copy, will be flipping it on Discogs (no more than £50-60ish though) once I’ve ripped it :thumbsup:



p.s.: send rips