Bandulu Appreciation Thread


Will share on once I’ve scrubbed ID3 tags.


It’s a shame seeing people get so vexxed over missing out, not really sure what could be done about it though. Maybe just make it random like the Mala picture discs?




Not accepting bids in advance, mate, wouldn’t be fair.


i’m not offering


releasing more than 500 records would be a fairly good solution imo



Yeah there’s a plain sleeve version coming. I’m saying maybe don’t have the 2 phase release and just issue them randomly, golden ticket style


Yeah this basically. Its like theyre artificially creating seminal records by only pressing a few


they will release more than 500, these are just the artwork copies…I’m not pissed off at bandulu - they want to only make 500 screen print copies then that’s up to them, it’s just annoying that they put it on a website that falls over when more than 10 people connect


Exactly what @swerver said


Yeah but even if the website worked it would be fairly unlikely that you would be one of the 500 lucky enough to get the record? There would still be way more than 500 people who want it.

I do get what you mean though, it’s pretty embarrassing that their website is so bad lol.


Forgot to add I won’t take the Bandulu & Loefah dog tour to 'Murcia. Soz.

Worried my Kahn vinyls will get confiscated as ISIS propaganda.


Placeholder for when I’m done with ripping;

Kept it at £50 to make it fair :bluethumb:


Good lad. What u gonna get with the profit


Sounds delightful


you obviously haven’t witnessed my ninja F5 skills


Was at work and decided not to take my phone out of pocket at 11 Just ate my sandwich in peace and smile with an awareness that will get the plain sleeve. And now enjoying reading the comments.


DEADOUT. I blame Trump

Lol at the thread title tho