Commodo, Kahn, and Gantz - Volume 1

Figured we should have a thread for this. Massive release, obviously. If you aint already clue’d up --> here’s an article about it.

Purchase links:

Deep Medi store \// Redeye \// Amazon \// White Peach \// Kudos

I’ll update this as more info comes out…

Here are the clips that have been revealed so far:

1 BigUp

I hope Medi pressed enough of these. When has record shopping become such a sore? :confused:

This one as well
I think it’s the second drop

This fucking tune

Been waiting for this release, even if i haven’t heard all tracks…
Got the pre-order in so it can be shipped next week with the rest of my reserved items from Redeye!


Liking the second drop on that

Must admit I never thought these tunes could live up to the expectations that a collaboration of this nature produce, but everything I’ve heard so far is just straight top shelf fire. Can’t wait to get this. Big up.

The last one is going to be hot… Planning to order the waves today.

yeah, was afraid it would sound over-the-top, but it really sounds like it’s gonna be an amazing album

ah big up

been meaning to cop some things off rwd-fwd for some time now, this is perfect timing.

that crystal collect one is so gully

yeah need that ? one

and there’s another godzilla style commodo bit like shift etc that’s been about a while that neeeeds to be on there

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shit mane this is perfect

been busy movin country and just heard about this, the dream :open_mouth:
need to get listenin to the previews, only heard unmistakable so far and its good

Unmistakable is the one.

also don’t forget the tune at 17:30 in this mix that everyones had labelled as kahn x commodo x gantz for a while now

Is that not crystal collect?

lol yeah you’re right, didn’t realise there was a second drop. ignore me