Deep Medi


Wtf are you doing hanging around derelict weirdos like us man? Do your parents know about the bants you read?


I was 15 in 2000, wish i knew about Garage & Grime and Rinse FM back then


I can’t speak for other scenes, but for dubstep hardly. 10 years ago DMZ was on their like 6th release still, skull disco was still relatively new, tempa still had a shit load of classics yet to come. Then you still have yet to bring in labels like Hessle, tectonic, ringo, chestplate etc…


Oh shit lol, thought you were older for some reason. Big up


Yeah. My mother finds it pretty funny.


She on snapchat?


Sadly no


Makes more sense onna Void this year, at least twice the cap of mungos & will avoid the heinous one in one outs my mates had last time hopefully

Catch me at the front trying to get Goth Trad sectioned & hitting the bar for Mala


yea deep medi single handedly made the year. truth, kaiju, bukez finezt… i haven’t been that excited since i figured out how to open a beer with a lighter.


goth-trad :corndance:


Goth Trad once told me he’s a fucking mentalist and needs to be stopped


this lighter? :badteeth:


nah the hotline one. best 2 quid ever spent. :badteeth:





how long did you have the hotline one for

i think i owned mine for a day

: /


I still have mine, don’t think it’s even been used. Going to throw it up on discogs for a few £££’s


See u deya


30 months and counting. still works btw I have no idea how. I think jesus lit his reefer with it once.


ive still got mine, used it for quite a few dances as well.


What do people think of the new Kaiju album then? I don’t really rate it that much annoyingly…some interesting new sounds and production but found the tracks pretty repetitive, and was expecting a lot more from Kaiju as they have such a heavy armoury of dubplate exclusives!