Deep Medi


I feel the same way, wish the album was a bit longer than 7 tracks as well. It’s new Kaiju though so I still rate it, just slightly disappointed.


There are very few LPs that actually work for dubstep imo.


oh yeah can we do this once more? I’ll go first:

Burial - Burial
Burial - Untrue
Kode9 & The Space Ape - MOTF
Vex’d - Degenerate
Distance - My Demons
Zomby - Where Were U In '92?


the dusk and blackdown album.

super sick as an album, proper journey in there


Which one do you mean? They released three.


the good 1

margins music


Now that’s what I call dusk+blackdown vol 1


Thats pretty much it innit?
Return 2 space is ok.
Goth trads one…

Does Pinch and Sherwood count?


cyrus 1’s a good listen, again it’s like return 2 space it’s not an album just tunes

but it’s a nice listen, skunky dark sub tunes


Kahn, Commodo, Gantz - Volume 1, and Commodo - How What Time altho that is more grimey than dubstep…Goth Trad, Ishan Sound as well…I rate Mala’s Mirrors too…and Vivek’s album soon come!


i wouldnt consider R2S an album tbh, more of an EP


Yeah this, bare EPs have like 4-6 tracks and albums are generally like 9+. Even then return 2 space never feels like an album in the way, say mala in Cuba does


Underwater Dancehall :loud_sound:


I´d add Jarvic mindstate (correct title?) from peverelist and goth trad - new epoch to that from the top of my head.
edit: and mentioned earlier, Mirrors.


Pinch & Shackleton > Pinch & Sherwood imo. But I didn’t include Pinch & Shackleton because it felt a bit like cheating.

And yes @burning_sphere, Underwater Dancehall is a good shout (although the vocals on some tunes didn’t add nearly as much to justify including them - Qawwali being the obvious example). Plus I don’t think it rewards repeated listens at all; it’s not as concise as the examples mentioned before.
Jarvik Mindstate was decent, too @footloose, but again, not nearly as timeless as Burial’s or Zomby’s efforts imo. And I wouldn’t consider New Epoch a particularly good album (similarly to RIIS etc., it feels more like a collection of tunes than anything else); Mad Raver’s Dance Floor was much better.

@KingGwarn: Ishan Sound hasn’t released an album yet. Comparing Volume 1 and How What Time to the stuff I posted earlier feels a bit weird to me, since I don’t think either of those two albums added anything of importance to electronic music as a whole. When it comes to newer albums, Groove Booty 1-3 were better, or even the first Author LP - although they won’t go down in history as something special either.


Distance - Repercussions was also pretty sick as well, like a more refined My Demons


back on the Real Dubstep Subreddit, there’s a monthly mix contest, and this month’s theme was ‘Old + New’, so i made a mix of deep medi tunes


i can safely say that this remix is probably going to be either a dubplate or on an official remix bundle, because it was confirmed that the b-side will be the instrumental



nobody mentioned Guido - Anidea?


all 3 silkie lps. both author lps. colourful vibrations. mcmlxxxii.