Deep Medi


There albums but I wouldnt say they are amazing.

Authors one is good tho, forgot about that


2562 - Aerial


Ishan Sound def released an album @jrkhnds, right? “Ishan Sound” on peng sound. Is this more of a “long EP?” Nonetheless, I thought it was good.

I always gotta give a mandatory shout to Skream! in this convo. Underrated, even for how rated it is. And Newstep, and Diaries, but especially Newstep.

Geiom - Island Noise was nice, still love Farski.

Also love New Epoch, even if it’s “just” a collection. Some of those tunes are unique as hell.


2562 - unbalance
Zomby - dedication



shout on the Author LP’s


Cyrus hinting that he might step back into the production game :gunfinger:


Deep Medi Releases I Would Love To See:
Single by Infekt
Single by EVA808
Sir Spyro - Topper Top (Truth X Bukez Finezt Remix)


lmao infekt


i just want to point out he doesn’t always make riddim (non-riddim i.e. Modem Dial, Hypno, etc.)
plus same thing goes for bukez


Yeah. That tune “oppression” on his SC isn’t bad.


I would love to see a little compilation full of dubplate remixes of tracks for Deep Medi’s 100th Release.

So far, I would love to see:

Compa - Alpha (Bukez Finezt Remix)

Jack Sparrow - Hold & Pull (Bukez Finezt Remix)

Gantz - Spry Sinister (Jack Sparrow Remix)

Mala - Changes (Six Sunsets Remix)

Sir Spyro - Topper Top (Kahn & Neek Remix) (if it isn’t the b-side to the single)


lol r u mad


don’t beg for dubs


mala appeared to me during an essential oils induced vision quest and told me MEDI-100 would be a roni size remix of jah power dub pressed on a single sided swastika shaped 7"


this is probably my favourite “mala meme”

(it sounds retarded I know)


“Meditate with fascist hate” :jointrasta:






Got to catch Kaiju mix last night. It was dope.


I av an extra tix to Kaiju tomorrow night in San Fran, want it?