Deep Medi


I’m interested :slight_smile:




Gonna be sending you a copy of the 7" when I get them in :slight_smile:


Vivek on the medi 10 shirt, beef officially over? :eyes:


isnt that just everyone who’s had a release on medi? Dont think Mala would go as far to ‘erase’ him from the back catalogue haha


where’s roni size then?


that was technically a swindle tune :lebebe:


I though Vivek would be in really small font at the bottom. Barely legible.


then the only james blake release was technically a mala tune

i reckon he’s actually trying to erase roni size from the back catalogue :nogunfinger:


Written on the inside of the shirt


some bad design tbh

rarely rate their tees


Was gunna say lol @ Vivek last but then realised its in alphabetical order.


website crashed because of topper top release lol


Only can think of ruckspin not being there?


Sold out already on deep medi site :weary:


have not seen a sell out on the medi site in awhile


I’ve had it in my cart like 10 times over the last hour then website just crashes :frowning: not even super hyped on this one, but I def want it in the collection. Will try to catch it on redeye or sommat


Yeah will have to cop somewhere else unless they put more up, I’d rather buy from the deep medi shop cos u get the free digital


‎Za to 4TheWax - Buy + Sell Records
12 mins ·
MEDI095 is about to go up for pre-order in all stores. Scan stores over the next 5 minutes.


gripped it on my 15 minuite break from work was the most presh thing