Deep Medi


ordered mine from @intenserecords so its on there too if you need it :slight_smile:




Coppa cop copped


sold out on redeye and unearthed already lol


heh used your link to reserve it, wasnt intending to buy anything but meh only £7


u could always sell it on discogs for a bag inna week still :joy:




Finally after an hour of trying got one


back on medi store


is there something i dont know about this release or what? deep medi releases always sell out within hours of being posted up for pre-order but are usually widely available once they’re out?

not sure why everyone seems to be rushing like its a repress of BH0.5?


Been saying this for over a year I swear :joy:


Now I remember why I made the switch to digital


I feel stupid for asking but what exactly happened between the two? Lol


Its pretty much the most hype thing they have done in like 8 records or something, plus you have now an enourmous USA following now who insta cop records off Uk sites.

Add to the fact you have people saying its OOS of medi, it fuels people to then go “oh shit better grab it” and then all the maybes become yeahs.

Surprised they didnt Vivek this record and make shit loads of direct sales


Am I the only one feeling meh about Topper Top?


not questioning why kids who cum all over themselves every time something drops on system/medi/innamind are all hyped by this

was just genuinely wondering why seasoned f5 vinyl shopping veterans here seemed to be so eager to cop it quickly, as in, maybe it was limited or something


for me it’s simply that I’m scared of missing out, having been in that situation before and then the only option is to buy at extortionate prices from discogs - no thanks! This particular release is probably the most hyped and eagerly awaited medi in years, and the fact that the medi site crashed and then sold out within minutes adds to the panic. For me it’s not every time something drops on certain labels, it’s just when the ones I defo want to cop drop.


ahhh. I think this is the one time I think demand would outstrip supply and for me I just happend to be in an area of work where I could crakc out my bank card without people seeing haha



not living in the uk so fuck ordering from some shop i never order from and pay extortionate shipping for one record when most likely it’ll be easy to cop in a .de shop in one week


ah yeah mine was via redeye so in the reserve box it goes