Deep Medi



i’ve heard it way too much, but still want to cop.
by the looks of it tho it will be a black sleeve so won’t feel too bad missing out if it is so :badteeth:


I hope there’s a bag of MC’s on Spyro’s set at medi10. Live T Top Top with everyone on it would be awesome.


damn just saw this got released, hopefully the @Muncey theorem holds true yet again


Up on Juno


video is out, can’t seem to find it anywhere but the Deep Medi FB though.

don’t think there’s any mystery regarding Teddy Bruckshot’s identity anymore lol, that’s definitely Stormin, similar theme to the Side by Side video as well, thinking about it.


Looking like the rig for tomorrow might even top the RC1 Youngsta crammed in there for the Contact night, and that was flippin stupid already.

Size 'a them!


It’s a fun tune but I don’t get the hype either.


i thought teddy bruckshot was just a guy called tedy bruckshot who was in N.A.S.T.Y


never guessed it would be an alias, figured he just hadn’t done much apart from this plate…


It’s back on RedEye ladies.


In at RWDFWD too


we need Mumdance on Deep Medi

who with me


The Topper Top release got huge publicity outside of the dubstep community for Deep Medi. Lots of grime heads were rating it and chatting about it on twitter, which added to the whole instacop vibe that everyone had. Not to mention how hype the track was a year back.


Medi might was pretty decent, sick tunes and system was pretty nice. Shame it was so packed, had a couple people who must’ve thought I was proper dying or something during my little half skanks on the stacks


Last night was mental, really enjoyed it. Only the second time I’ve been to Electric after Contact, and I’ve had a great time both times. Love the venue and the crowd was good. Soundsystem was bangin and all the sets were wicked.


Void Incubus rig, right? I’ve seen it in action a couple of times, it’s hench. I think this was its first London appearance


Got to confess, I don’t really like it. Just not my style, I’m not much of a grime fan though anyway, especially vocal tunes. I know I’m in the minority though, and the reaction it gets every time it gets dropped means there’s no denying it’s a big tune


is it me or the audio/video are a bit out of sync?


Yeah man. 21" carbon fibre cones or something. Sounded wicked when the engineer actually let it go. Second drop on Bury Da Bwoy :cornsidedown:


Best sets?
How drunk was Kromestar by the time he played?
Did anyone make it to the end? I heard Benny Ill b2b Hijak was good. Jungle set I assume or was it something different altogether?
Gutted I couldn’t go but oh well there will be other nights.


Best sets for me were probably Bukez Finezt / Compa, Jack Sparrow, Quest / Silkie.

Mala / Goth-Trad was really good too, but I needed a bit of a break by that time (arrived there at 9pm), so just went and watched from the top balcony. Was proper looking forward to Jay 5ive / Kromestar as Kromestar is one of my fave producers and Jay 5ive one of my fave DJs from back in the Anti-Social Rinse FM show days, and I aint seen either of them before, but their tune selection wasn’t that great. Was expecting either some of their Anti-Social type stuff, or some hype Kromestar bangers, but didn’t really think they did much of either. Krome didn’t seem that drunk, but he was getting on the mic a bit, although I get the impression he does that quite a lot anyway.

Benny Ill / Hijak was good, wicked selection. Mostly old dubstep tunes if I remember right. Benny’s mixing was poor though, like the last time I saw him.

Second time I’ve been to Electric, after Contact, and overall, thought it was an amazing night. I really like it as a club, and the soundsystem was mental. I didn’t come across any nobs either.