Deep Medi


Did mud get played twice? I think like kahn dropped it then benny ill again. Also really wanted benny to draw for some horsepower shit or something, shame about that but the classic selection was big still (Horror show, dread commandments, asbo, twisup :cannon:)


Oh yeah, completely forgot about Asbo being the final tune of the night! Shame it got cut short, one of my fave old tunes, but still great to hear it out.


haha I was literally about to head off then the intro came through


Lol this vid

Glad they brought out Lady Chann

Looks overly Sardinia in there tho don’t think I would’ve enjoyed


ahah. Yeah I saw a clip on facebook from the stage and it looked like outlook or something, just a sea of people.


Left stack was surprisingly spacious


anybody wanna contribute to a tracklist for the evening?


Add these to spooky sypro set

Trends & Boylan - Norman bates
Royal T Shotta (Kahn & Neek Remix)
Spooky fiesta


Joss stick ceremony :joy: :joy:



Added a few tracks to that list, wish I could remember more, wasn’t even drunk!


Anyone know what the first tune Jack Sparrow played was?


Mostly yes. Pretty sure recent outliers that were gone and didnt return Bukuz Finezt, truth 10,000 ft, gantz Spry Sinister

First press of Toppa top seems to have been the fastest I’ve witnessed, although first press of Dread (Gorgon Sound / Dubkasm mix) sold very fast too


first press of Dread (Gorgon Sound / Dubkasm mix) sold very fast too

Wait, what?





30,000 ft*


Emphasis on questioning whether there was a Dubkasm version released. I’ll edit my reply to make that more obvious.




Haha yea imagine a commercial airliner at 10,000 ft needless to say it sold out on Red Eye (or was it before I copped it