Deep Medi


I’m sorry bb


Yea i was way too baked when i wrote that…
Both Dread DUBKASM remix ft Mark Iration and Dubkasm remix Dubwise are dubplates, guess hearing Stryda rinse it after the gorgon sound version a few times got my memories all wrong


Imo Compa’s selection was a bit whack not about all that trap shit. But Bukez’s selection was on point although from memory I cant remember hearing his new bit ‘The Main Rule’

Cyrus, Tunnidge & Kman killed it, kinda wish they played a little later but it is what it is.

Mala Truth and Goth-trad went absolutely in was a nice little trio of sounds going on…
Best set of the night was by far Sparrow b2b Kaiju absolutely slayed it


The Kahn & Neek Remix of Topper Top is going to be on their Fabriclive.90 Mix.




As we hit snooze and come again



pretty sure this is the b side on the new silkie release


It is. Cause it’s in the clip I posted above. :confused_og:


top plate. best medi of the year by a mile imo (that’s not hard though).


They released Free Focus (Commodo Remix) last Crimbo, you guys expecting some surprise release again this year?


I know the original is on hotline so it ain’t gonna happen, but I keep wishing they’d do white label Fuck Mountain VIP this year, it’s time!


tbf I didn’t listen to the clip


My money’s on another random white label jahstep 12" like the Kaiju one


Yes, the first one I will probably be coping this year


idk, i love it wasn’t you but i think i need to give the other two tunes another listen because they didn’t grab me really


Serious horn business on that A-Side


Not happening man - was going to be another dubplate like the Ishan Sound Militant Dubplate but it’s been too long since the original came out the idea’s fizzled out. soz



Woah what a slapper