Deep Medi


It Wasn’t Me and Jah Man are the highlights of this release no doubt.


idk man im kinda feeling computer sound. i like it better than jah man.


wouldn’t it be cool if tunnidge could set up commissions for medi heads


People guessing what medi100 is gonna be

Some of these would be sick indeed :jointbounce:


“Hopefully a Benga single or EP”


lmao. I love those people who think it’s still 2007.


it better be a dj wanka lost dubs pack, otherwise mala is a sellout




man knows :gunfinger:



Maybe he will give us the promised box of dubs
not lol


Gonna give a truhead confession right now, but considering it’s related with Deep Medi I might as well post it here.

I got a huge stack of records from my Redeye reserves that were kept in-store for like 3 months, and one of those 12"s was Topper Top. I still haven’t listened to the whole track yet, but when I listened to it with my turntables and my monitor speakers at full blast I almost fucking ripped a door off. :joy:


topper top has been rinsed but it’s still all about the dubplate where stormin tells the horsey in the intro to calm down. 5* special.


pritchard at the medi weekender this friday btw >>>


IN! :corndance:



Wahoo. New album!


Fuck yeah A/T/O/S


0 chance, but hoping for Coki - Boxfish


Yes! Been waiting for new ATOS, really enjoy the first LP


Since it’s the holidays, they should put out a Teddy Bruckshot Medi Head Christmas Tree Topper, for all of the festive steppers and their families