Deep Medi


wouldn’t surprise me as they’re making fckn beach towels and gloves :neutral:


Lol we need to petition Tunnidge to make that


Looool are they actually? Link me

Also mala needs to stop rinsing that bukez finest twist tune. Like it sounds alright apart from that brostep screech every 2 bars, find it really grating on my ears



Big up haha, meditate on beachweight


its a sick tune IMO just the right combo of foam plate ket swing and '09 wobz



It would be better without the bro screech imo, it’s peak though cause it’s proper wonky which is sick but that screech :nogunfinger:


I mean it’s only really screechy the first time it comes in. Other than that it’s sick.


Yeah fair, but I find that bit really off putting which kinda kills it for me


It was probably the only recognisable ‘new’ 140 dub that picked up the ears at Outlook this year.

  • swear when I went last time there’d be 3/4 you’d come back having no idea what they are but the tune/reaction etched in your brain either way

Kind of jokes how its become Malas new ‘ender’ now - think it works a lot better mid set out of nowhere. Where’s Level Nine these days anyway


he does venture a bit too far into bro territory with most of his bits for my liking too tbf


nah m8

this is killa as well


Throwback kinda:

Article on Tunnidge and those Medi Heads


Jack Sparrow just posted a test press on his Insta. You guys think spry sinister remix for this year’s white label Xmas thing?
It could also be something for his own label.


It’s from he’s label he put a Facebook status saying it’s got records forthcoming on he’s label


More like this hopefully



Lol I found that on SC one time, thought it was legit :joy:


Taso teklife on deep medi? Says so on his bandcamp


Had a release with truth on medi I think

Edit: I might be thinking of tempa actually