Deep Medi


Oh yea man Trenchtown. was looking for New Start on bandcamp and saw that, big up, take it easy



ooooh, wasn’t expecting this for like another 2 years or something


Just seems like a money grabber to me, they could have at least put something else on the other side.


There you go, another one-sided white label…


FYI fam

At 5am pacific Red Eye had Topper Kahn & Neek remix sold. I signed up to get an email when back in stock. It went back on Red Eye around 8am.

I copped it, luckily since I went on at 8am.

They never sent me a back in stock notification email. So, careful relying on that.

Edit: How can they waste a whole side of vinyl? Missed opportunity imo


Fuck that shit, Circadian Rhythms have their own Topper Top remixes they play on NTS and (imo) they’re as much of certified heaters compared with the Kahn & Neek version. I’ve heard Bad and Boujee over the Topper Top instru, a Darude - Sandstorm trap mashup, and a bunch of other specials I probably haven’t heard yet.



The B&B mash is fire :fire::fire::fire:

Also they could’ve put Abattoir VIP on the flip side lol


anyone know what this is?


with the sounds around it, i thought it might be a commodo ting? i seem to recall hearing it and near the end clocking a commodo style lazer shot


yeah i was thinking commodo rather than egoless as suggested


Real late on this one, but that one was me lmao


haha that girl at the end


Confirmed egoless


well now you have the chance to witness Mala b2b Benga


decent! i stand corrected


Mala benga night was pretty sick tbh, until like half 5 when I realised I somehow lost my fucking belt




Mala was on Gilles Peterson 6 Music today chatting bout Medi

Rattles off a few new Medi artists at 11 or so mins, plays a forthcoming Egoless bit as an exclusive at 14 mins (not the mad orchestral one everyones been going ham over the phone clips of)