Deep Medi


Sepia apparently went b2b with jacksparrow and someone else (based off a tweet of his i.saw)

Chef for sure is about 85% more exciting than anyone else you could book these days for a dubstep set Imo.

I guess the shitty dubstep event is kinda the polar opposite to a medi night in some ways.


not to mention kaiju has had two releases on medi, and one of them was, i think most would agree, one of the label’s better releases of the last few years. that hardly qualifies as filler.

plus medi has put out just two releases total in 2017 (suggesting there aren’t possible alternatives being kept unreleased). is there really a need to kick dubstep when it’s already down?


gantz got a forthcoming album on medi so that will save it anyways


Kaiju had 3 releases iirc, Burn Down Babylon is medi 93


Lmao same day as system


haha has to be deliberate at this point


Mala lowkey petty af lol


would like to hear Pinch and Distance but then electric is dead


Yeah pinch and distance would be sick, interested in seeing egoless and gantz too but electric can be a bit 50/50 at times


He’s doing XOYO the same night as Wheel & Deal as well. No dubstep nights in London and they manage to clash still.


Who cares what system it’s on if you can barely push it past the normal house levels anyway.


Massive par


Malas dubsteps ultimate capitalist


oh oh oh… they still have beef or what?


here is my thoughts:

Medi is stale these days, hope they drop some goodness soon before i completely loose faith.

Bring back the Hotflush days that is all


actually, there’s a deep medi night here in berlin this saturday

turns out it’s on the same date as serendubity (local dub/dubstep night)

maybe he actually is aiming at worldwide dubstep domination :hmm:


It was just confirmed to me to be deliberate on Mala’s part by two people directly involved :lebebe:

p fuckin jokes tbh, so strange and petty


Yeah really dumb lol. If they worked together, they could probably do a lot for the scene right now.


Also low key think Vivek and all the other new labels are snatching up the new talent. Idk but medi is super stale lmao.


fuck mala and his god damn incense collection. kind of a big laugh to see all these mid level artists disrespect jah vibes and turn into little dub capitalists.

hell will await you mala.
burn all medi001’s.
free egoless