Deep Medi


Jah would disapprove imo…tut tut


so stupid


Really? I assume you’re referring to Creeper? I don’t see how that plate differs from 30,000ft by Truth. Its all good but it aint top tier Medi material. It doesn’t stand up to the likes of Space Cash, Over Deh So/Abattoir and Witch Blues EP.

Not even remotely close imo. Kaijus best release compared to all of Goth-Trad/Quest/Commodo/Kahn/Gantz would be at the bottom, their best release still isn’t close to those guys worst releases. So they’re definitely in the league of Truth and Compa. Its not a bad thing, its just theres an obvious divide in quality. Or maybe its a divide in style and I just enjoy one more than the other… s’all objective I guess.

Natty Dub would hold up better, thats closer to top tier and Kaiju haven’t reached that standard again yet imo.




regardless, it is one of the better releases imo from that period and one artist putting out 3 total releases over like a 3-4 year period is not filler. also don’t forget there’s more than one track on the release

there’s also literally no reason to be hating so hard on medi/kaiju. you seem to think this is going to last forever. the only thing this’ll possibly accomplish is maybe changing medi’s release rate from 2 truth records/year to 1 truth record/year. people’ve been bitching about dungeon for like 5 years, it’s not gonna change the records they release.


Dubstep in Berlin, interesting.


I would have thought Justice rather than Creeper. Its better than a good portion of medis imo .
Your also literally picking some of the “best” tunes that got released in the last 3-4 years across the board nearly.
Not to mention all of the artists had tunes released previously on Medi, so realistically was any of those producers going to put those tunes out on any other label? Im still to this day surprised a commodo tune never came out on system for example.


Anyone reaching Brixton on Friday, tempted to roll but not sure atm


Quest - Visitors/Dubfoot = best medi release imo




definitely not


It’s definitely not either of em, and Visitors is a tune


in my opinion


Anyone going to the Xmas skank tonight?


Yeah I’m reaching, look out for a short guy with an afro in a medi jumper


Will do, I’m the lairy guy in a stripey tee


Dunno if I’ve seen you, taken my jumper off. But the rest of me is still here. Gonna be near the front/right stack most of the night


Dunno if I’ve seen you. Will harass people with afros all night


Update. Am guy wearing a lei


Im wearing a truth cap and truth shirt, mostly hanging around the toilets