Deep Medi


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Fugazi :hooray:


bit frustrating to put a record up days before Xmas when most people are skint including myself lol

good look though, nice to see Medi pushing more Gantz


Man I hope the guy did this lol




Sadly not :cornlol: :cornlol:


Berlin was the first city outside of the UK to adopt Dubstep.

Orson & Hops were probably the first people to ever book Skream, Loefah, Mala etc. outside their home country. It’s well known and documented that Orson has the sickest collection of DMZ dubs about. Check out his übersick flickr account documenting nights in early 2006 with yung skream, mala, lil loefah & kode9, as well as benders with Benny Ill.

But the Version lads weren’t the only ones featuring the dubstep up-and-comers. The first ever Panorama Bar mix CD, by Cassy in 2006, opens with Shackleton - Deadman and closes with DJ Abstract - Touch. Villalobos has been well known to be one of the first ambassadors of the sound, famously leading to the connection with Skull Disco, resulting in the tune that would effectively save Skull Disco from going bust early. Shackleton returned the favour in 2008, simultaneously notching his first release on seminal Frankfurt-then-Berlin microhouse label Perlon (followed by three spectacular EPs the next year). Hell, Ben Klock included a dubstep tune on his 2009 debut LP. Scuba even held a dubstep residency at Berghain for several years, featuring acts such as Mala, Distance and Vex’d.

yeah, dubstep in Berlin is fairly interesting. :wink:


s/o the dubstep historians :salute::salute::salute:

it’s interesting to see how it grew outside of it’s confines / borders within the UK and into one of the most popular club sounds across Europe.


good little read. :biggrin:


Hadn’t heard that Ben Klock one before, it’s nice man, reminds me of that early hessle/hotflush sound, been looking for more stuff like that recently but seems people are doing that so much these days


this rly makes me regret being a pussy and not talking to villalobos when he was on the same plane as me


oh fuck
we eating next year fam


very good to see


wonder what the 100th release will be


Roni Size remix album


Found this on the interwebs


Hallucinogen is a banger


This already sounds better than their whole 2017 summed up
Plus there’s that sick SP:MC tune forthcoming on System and Ghastly by Samba & Chokez
2018 looking good so far :gunfinger:


who thinks not a kick is gonna be the next bloccd, with its trap flair and everything