Deep Medi




Ready to get that egoless track…


:rotating_light: Fresh Deep Medi, out Friday! :rotating_light:

Secure your copy here…


Feeling all the new Medis… will be copping all.


Egoless is a definite cop, Gantz is a maybee but just not sure about that DedW8 vocal, too bad because the others are nice. As for the rest? Commodo looking good, Compa is average, Silkie sounding sick.


That Gantz EP is next level.
Those beats!


Good news on the forthcoming bits from Deep Medi.
Fingers crossed they will all be released within one or two months


I can’t order the poster. It says I’m not authorised.
Anyone got this problem?

Mala pls


Hallucinogen sounds like Commodo circa Gassin’

Glad Rikers is coming out, spoilt for choice with whatever they put on the flip.

Silkie is solid


honestly hoping for lightz on the flip of rikers

mainly because since look at me was so popular and it sampled changes (and so every soundcloud rapper or producer started sampling changes), mala could (hopefully) get into touch with kanye (somehow) and get the sample cleared for release

if so, then MEDi104 is release of the year for me


he has much better dubs tbh, also with Kanye being Kanye i doubt it could happen, the sample clearance doesn’t work that well in this direction imo.


but who knows?

my bet is on ‘Leeroy’ if that’s what it’s called, the one from Vivek show that was swiftly deleted from Youtube



Need a new deep medi mix to celebrate!

Gantz record is alright, all about the 4th track.


I understand the mixed feelings some people are having. They’re all kinda experimental tracks. This style fits on blacklist, but I wouldn’t expect it as a medi single.


Lightz would only ever surface as a white label.


Major labels usually buy sampling rights in bulk; i.e. Changes was probably already paid for long before it was known or anticipated that Kanye / The Game / XXXtentacion / … would be jumping on it (imagine how much it would cost to produce a Kanye beat otherwise lol)


Anybody know when the next medi releases are going to be up for preorder? Can’t wait for the Egoless one


If it’s gonna be anytime soon, I’d assume sometime near the end of February, but more likely March time


Egoless medi101 up for pre-order…


Finally! I think I’m going to order 2 because I’ve wanted this ever since I heard youngsta play a1