Deep Medi


One of those tunes I’ll rarely draw for in a mix but still happy to finally have it


Was hoping for better b sides tbh, but it’s still a great release.


B2 is the better of the flip side imo what do you think?


Already sold out on deep medi and redeye. Shit!


It’s up on all the usual places still


Any ideas on deep medi 100?


Really? Cant find it anywhere. medi’s site, redeye, white peach are all out. Where else?

@Moens I think MEDI100 is going to be a Commodo release? Pretty sure compa is 102


Rikers is medi104

i still believe the release will be skipped


Yeh it was only only on redeye and whitepeach so far, other places will get it tho still


I have a feeling that 100 is gonna turn out to be either some super rare Mala dub on some limited run vinyl only bs (jah power dub, I’m looking at you) OR a compilation type thingy with a few Medi artists


I prefer B1 to be honest.
A side isn’t doing it for me.

B2 has that godawful ping noise that always reminds me of some Windows 95 alert noise. Ruined.


lol the 808 cowbell?


Just preordered 101, its so satisfying because I really never buy vinyl lol.


Kalawanji repress & vip :sob:




Not feeling B2 at all to be honest.


YES That’s the fucker.
I hate that sound.


Not sure who the smug looking gents are


One of them works for Sinai I think. Is that on insta?