Deep Medi


It was on shitty dubstep group on fb

Weird that it ain’t a tp…so medi sitting on bare releases that are already pressed?


Maybe this was in that massive crate that got posted about 3 years ago lol


but whats on the otherside of the commodo release…


Medi are a business. Releasing them too closely will have an awful effect on sales.


Yeh wot i mean is, if rikers is 104 and they only just announced 101, then have they already pressed up however many thousands of copies of all releases from 101 (potentially even 100) to 104?..because the plate in that picture looks like the finished article, which you wouldn’t press a small amount of.

It just seems like a lot of releases to be sitting on given medi"s pretty slow release cycle


Infernal Sounds calling out Daytona as the b-side of Commodo’s release, think it starts roughly at the 54 min mark


I think they press and release records in batches. E.g. remember that picture they posted with the big boxes of records? That was the last batch, with records like j sparrow, k man, Kaiju etc. Then when that batch was finished they took that long break from releasing anything bar a white label and a shit truth EP (money makers?). Now they’re on to their next batch, starting with the gantz EP, we should probably see a more consistent output over this year and then the cycle will repeat. It’s what allows them to ship records straight after announcing them and occasionally stick to a one record a month release schedule (like for some parts of 2014-16) This is just my own personal theory and I could be chatting absolute shit but make of it what you will.


Not the one I was hoping for but damn that tune is straight fire as well :fire: I think it was in his last year’s Radar Radio mix.


My copy has arrived!


give me your second copy please


wow, so there is really the mcdonalds arches with a yin and yang on the cover? whos doing Medi’s art these days? Mala’s angsty 14 year old cousin? :cornlol:

big tunes tho


I’m fairly sure Egoless did it himself?


looks like the same art style as that last Truth release tho with the lion on it.

edit: nvm, just looked up a picture of that release and I had mis-remembered how it really looked


Haha never clocked the McDonald’s arch!



I know I’m a bit late on the Truth bashing, but one thing that’s really stuck out is their collabs with Taso. Somehow, a footwork / juke producer who released an album with Teklife, has also managed to get some tracks on dubstep’s key foundational labels. :badteeth:


taso used to play brostep sets as an opener at the club i had residency at even tho at the time he was already making moves on mallabel, that quickly shifted as he changed scenes haha, big ups to him imo even tho i dont personally rate his stuff, he’s put in a lot of work over the years


:lol_og: footwork must’ve been an epiphany from him but at least he righted some wrongs.


New Compa/Medi plate just gone up on Redeye


Egoless played Not a Kick last Friday, sounded heavy