Glassy/Weightless Grime


New Gage EP on Crazylegs. Very different style from Telo two years ago.


ye has been - hold tight for the Impey and SRA remix too - both are muaaaaaad


really really looking forward to getting my hands on this


TBH I’ll be a bit nitpicky but the artwork isn’t all that. For a bunch of tracks that give such a glowing, vibrant aesthetic the art falls flat and doesn’t fit in.

However I’ve been rinsing the previews for such a long time. I felt like I waited for an eternity for this release and I’m glad to see it finally releasing after two months of waiting.


coyote woulda done a better artwork ye

#556 !!!


New interview with the assassins, mentions “another 12” coming soon" :eyes:


does this mean we’re finally geting 3m/kunai, deadcell etc


Deadcell’s basically confirmed, although in a previous interview before Reflection Spaces got released they said they wanted to do another release on Mu if possible, but they might do this one on Coyote, I don’t exactly know.


gimme more fucking plata


keep ur eye on coyote . . .


Copped the new EP by SRA at Rye Wax this weekend and also this from the mighty Bushido

Both very, very good listens.


did this ever get released?


not yet…

eyes emoji


shame really want that tune lol
remember being hyped about it when it surfaced then forgot about it
saw it now in that last japan thump thing


That tune was nuts


Think I might regret not havng booked SRA waaaaaay back. Just got Chemist in the end cos they wanted £200 per person. God knows what they are charging these days haha


LOL was their agent high

600 quid for soundcloud trio with no releases then?

u definitely should have though they’re wicked


haha this was direct. Chemists agent was (still is?) Tom at Coyote. When I asked about SR one of them said they wanted yeah something like £150 + travel from bris for each guy. Was like wut.


mad, never thought about being a trio though, such hard work, only really need 1 breh to dj, so much time standing awkwardly by the decks, you all do need to get paid but you’re getting less on your booking fees and that’s the only area anyone makes any money…