Glassy/Weightless Grime


you can spread out your bookings tho as trio or even a duo
can even play at multiple events on the same night that way


that’s true but you need that demand in the first place, gotta be reasonable sized name to have multiple offers, and you risk overexposing yourself if you’re all over town on one night, like you’re still having to share out more offers between 3…

idk seems long to me


Yeah youd think it would be like a band kinda booking. X and they split it however.

Pretty sure it was as you said on BR, each playing like 3 tunes a go haha.


was anyone else pretty hyped for a v1984 release but finding the promos for the new glacial a bit meh…

just sounds a bit like something that would have got press last summer but just not that interesting or as grabbing as all the stuff i’ve heard on radio from the guy previously


I really cant work out why he “killed off” the other label to make new one and push this stuff.


arson and insurance fraud imo






That Silk Road remix of AJ T is sikkk. Said AJ T was one of the best radio MCs around a while back… glad hes putting out tunes that do him justice. Too many MCs have good bars and spit well on sets but flop when making songs.

Ascend, Spirit Bomb & Naila >>> anything Novelist has made & I rate Nov. (compared to nov purely because he seems to be the benchmark for ‘new mcs’)


U coming AJ Tracey nd ASAP for NTS next week @RKM?


i like that folk lurk and go on twitter to comment haa


everyyyy tiME


not sure g probably working : /


@SilkRdAssassins *enhance*

— Gold River (@riverofdoubt) April 15, 2016

lmao @SilkRdAssassins "that's right this is probably the closest thing we'll get with chief keef, grime and anime 10/10."

— Gold River (@riverofdoubt) April 15, 2016

My bandcamp review got noticed by the assassins

lol :joy:

Also new Odeko EP is out

ISLAND also have two new tracks out now on WeDidIt.


New Boxed vinyl out next month.


Logos - Marked 4 Death Gun Man

Iglew - Lullaby

Spooky & Boylan - Peckham To Hackney

Jawside - Blurred Rain

Also apparently something new with Different Circles next week?


we all wanted more plata. here’s 40 mins.

sick tunes, slightly wish he’d like made some a bit longer and mixed a bit more, i rate people doing short tunes and not making 6 mins formulaic boring crap but felt like some of these get cut off just as you’re really digging and that constant tape clack is a bit eeeeh by the end

but like i said tuuuunes, hopefully we see more from this guy, like myth he’s someone that really like ‘gets it’ with what i like in these post eski tunes


Yeah he’s sick. I hosted a track of his on my YouTube and he used to send me tunes now and then - fully rate him.


you run a channel? post it g


This new Lloyd SB EP is on some next-level club vibes.


New circadian rhythms show