Glassy/Weightless Grime


was digging that yesterday but my internet only let me get about 20 mins in


mad, been expecting that “King of the Castle” one


yessss this 1

rip from my guy Vio_l3t here too from this show - SRA vibes


Got a guestmix from Letta tonight on 10Twenty :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Kick off at 9pm


saw you had a bunch of tunes in this 1

would love some beats from u if u don’t mind bro, all goood if keeping em close

also you do a lot of coyote nights, you got something planned there or u just tight


yeah man i’d be happy to send over some stuff! PM me your email address gg

naa nothing planned atm, just met Tomas toward the end of last year after playing a Psychotherapy Sessions x Coyote night and he was kind enough to get me involved on some warm up slots and stuff

Next party is this weekend while we’re on the subject !


Here’s my channel -

It was popping when TNGHT - R U Ready and Mssingno - XE2 were on it before I was asked to take them down!

Now, I’m just interested in unsung producers. If anyone here has stuff and would be interested in my giving their tunes that little boost my channel might give them, just ask :slight_smile:


Dude your channel was my jam back in the day. I remember listening to a lot of tracks back in 2013, especially that Zomby remix and the Decibel tune.


Hahah yeah?!

Thanks for that, always just wanted to push new and weird things. I used to scout the old DSF and was informed by a lot of that too


haha, yeah i am also a subscriber since years ago…


yeah some really cool stuff on there

ye people if u got channels/radio shows etc w/e ur hustle is just post it


been planning to upload radio rips of unreleased stuff that I really like on youtube, but idk if its somehow ethically wrong or whats the best way to even do it. only ever once uploaded a song on youtube and did it via or something like that



Tune of @Lye_Form in there btw


Big up Emma.

She’s being noticed but still underrated imo


Since she has shifted away from just being a Keysound lakey for sure


just uploaded last weeks 10Twenty show w/ guestmix from Letta :slight_smile:

loads of new Coyote stuff in Letta’s mix, new stuff from him, Spokes + the gang etc etc

enjoy - hold tight for the next one :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


letta is bae


first tune :gunfinger: :gunfinger:


someone who knows

who has made a “mumdancey” grime remix of IIO’s rapture?? Onemans been playing it at least