Glassy/Weightless Grime



Not sure if this belongs here but :’(


New Strict Face single on Nina Las Vegas’s new label. Amazing, he’s got an EP next too.

Also there’s a Big Dope P EP coming out on Local Action this month and a Mr. Mitch and Yamaneko project out soon.


Really rate the instrumental on that strict face tune, not so sure about the vocal but it’ll probably grow on me.


Murlo remix of Naila, sounds solid! Free d/l too


srsly tho, no one knows what a gwarn at 23:20 ? and while we’re at it also the track at 28:24 or thereabouts.


this is a dece mix. I’m also in there somewhere


Not sure about you guys but I’m really feeling the v1984 release. Although it’s comparable to the experimental-ish grimey stuff on soundcloud like a year ago, it has huge influences of classical composition which I really love. The piano parts are amazing and I was so overwhelmed on my first listen.
Also Local Action’s got a new release from Big Dope P with remixes from Sudanim and DJ Sliink. They’ve been putting out rapid fire singles lately but they have a big vinyl project coming soon that you’ll all love. :blush:

Planet Mu definitely has been paying attention to Soundcloud producers lately, they signed WWWINGS who have an album releasing in two months.


edit: nvm


bloody wicked show


also +1 on v1984, we’re having him down in Bristol soon w/ Odeko + Reckonwrong :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


^ ye been on rotation , new iglew mix for Clash


ye yeeee haven’t listened to the iglew mix yet but it’s on the list

think this is ripped from it tho ?


Haha yeah, youtube rippers turn around time these days is mad


init - listening to the mix now.

This forthcoming Iglew bit sounds so so sick - Bluer Than Jade dayummmm


mayte this mix wtf

that mix from into Iglew’s remix of Moments in Love is absolute flames.

new slackk + dullah beatz sounds mad too


haha those first few blends hit the spot/

new SRA


Signed copies of Gage’s Mercury EP I got a while back.


dot really was ahead of his time tbh


didn’t realise this collab was out yet

fuun tune