Glassy/Weightless Grime


stumbled upon this on my soundcloud feed. don’t mind it actually


^^ that track is on point.

Looking at the next releases for Coyote Records and they sound amazing. Spokes’s Flight EP is releasing later in the month.

That’s going to be COY014, but there’s been some clues to 015 on their twitter…

probably the upcoming Silk Road Assassins release.


Listening to the coyote show on rinse, they mention a 2nd letta release this year as well. Would be sick, the first one was amazing and is criminally underrated tbh


This iglew remix on point


yeah the Spokes EP is great.

wouldn’t hold ur breath for 015 being SRA tho, it’s someone new I think.

Totally agree about letta his first album was defo overshadowed a bit


anybody got this?. been searching for awhile. It was a freebie 2 years back but slept on.

Visionist bootleggy


I remember hearing a vocal version of “The Recluse” a while back and I think they said something about wanting to release it. Also they’ve got a new signee, Marks, who will be releasing an EP next year. Really hoping it’s SRA tho.


Last Japan also has something forthcoming on Coyote before year end.


yeah man i think the Marks release is the next one, exciting times for Coyote for sure


actually not sure if he is the next one but got a hunch it might be


Nah heard from them the Marks thing will be 2017. Really hope they squeeze in a couple more releases before this year ends.


not grime

but think people here would be really into the new bladee album


dunno if its weightless but another tune on this vibe im working on


bladee is great, dont know his new album tho.


So good. Sorry if repost😘.



Strict Face - Rain Cuts EP. Forthcoming on Blacklink Sound.


your PM’s are private, but talking about it like that on here is not on ppl


New 10twenty show guys :slight_smile: Had Vio_l3t guesting after having Letta last time, keep an eye out for the next one too !



Just hearing this now…