Glassy/Weightless Grime


Following my last post - Back on 10twentyradio next Monday with odeeeeeeezyyyyy


swear he’s like 16 as well



Shit’s so, so good.

Child prodigies piss me off. Harrumph.


Does this fit in here?


yeah v gobstopper that


Yeah, funny that so many here (myself included) gave him so much stick for that album, but he was surprisingly ahead of the curve with stuff like this.


yeah that album was very diverse too, had so many different styles in it. just now appreciating that tune



Check out WWWINGS, they just had their debut album on Planet Mu released. Also heard a 10-sec snippet of this SRA x wwwings track, sounds mad.


yhhhh m8 this track is fucking crazy


show w/ Odeko is up now - ambient stuff to start from myself, Odeko went in on some dnb to start with and finished off with some slower paced stuff :slight_smile:


Big news today.
Return of the mountain cat. New Yama and Mr. Mitch collab EP releasing October on Local Action.

Confirmed that Silk Road Assassins aka Satin Lane Killers aka the deep web hitmen are going to be on the next release on Coyote.
A track from Clubkelly, the new French signing on Crazylegs who makes the most banging lo-fi house.


D e a d c e l l


Don’t know how this slipped under the radar. New Mikey Dollaz track produced by SRA.


anyone catch that free slackk remix? sc upload is down


hard ass trap niqqas go well with sad UK instrumentals


makes me wonder why grime and road rap guys don’t hit up the likes of SRA, Sami Baha etc,. instead of vocalling the same dead Heavytrackerz instrumentals time and time again.


Their straight up trap tunes are banging with vocals on it, but I guess they have too much influences outside hip-hop/trap, you can definitely hear the dubstep influences on their tracks cause they all used to be dungeon producers lol.

My guess on the tracklist:
3M | KUNAI (commas instrumental)
Vectors (Odeko remix), since all the Coyote releases have at least one remix in them and that’s the only SRA track I know remixed



First Coyote release with full sleve art with artwork done by the assassins themselves. :astonished:

Most massive two tracker I’ve seen in a while. Deadcell and 3M Kunai are finally getting released. My prediction was on point. >>>