Glassy/Weightless Grime


new 1 from vio_l3t too taken from the coyote show



Does this qualify? IDK


dude that’s quite sick, definitely counts

but for the love of god get rid of that detuned ‘doooo doooo doooo’

it’s way too loud mate!

like i like the countermelody it’s doing but the synth is too detuned and doesn’t sound that nice at all

but apart from that the melodies and stuff are so sick


Thanks man, yeah I am just playing back now and the doo doo thing is really loud, take it out completely or take it down a few -db? Or just tune it better? Or just use it sparingly???


volume, and tune it more

and yeah a little more sparingly

the idea in there’s good


Took it out and the mix sounds “spacier”, iI’ll post a clip in a min


@RKM There it is dude, better or worse without the doo doo doo?

@riddles @jrkhnds @Johnlenham @Jook @Tolsof @CreamLord @Samuel_L_Damnson Just tagging you guys as you may appreciate


i think u could change up the melody a little bit in the main body of the tune cos it gets a little repetitive, like maybe go up a bit every now and then


Yeah I thought that, 2nd drop is has a less repetitive melody.


Not bad


At 5:55 you can hear the WWWINGS x Silk Road Assassins collab. :gun: :gun: :gun:


Mashman Riddim Pt 2 is so fucking huge!


flux capacitator man I been waiting for that release for a year literally


vocal version of The Recluse is big - 1st tune


kool ep

think red eyez vip and up top are my picks


New Mr. Mitch + Yamaneko material as Yaroze Dream Suite. Sounding absolutely amazing. Releasing October 5 I think, watch out for a Yamaneko album in the near future too.


omfg been waiting so long for this to come out


Hey guys, seen someone post about this record earlier in the thread, so i figured i’d give you full details! :slight_smile:

Strict Face - Rain Cuts EP

Release Date: 26th September
Format: 12" Vinyl + Digital (iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Google Play etc)

Click to listen to the EP on Soundcloud

A1. Rainfall (Intro)
A2. Promise
A3. White Rovers
B1. The Calm
B2. Honour Avenue
B3. Think It Thru

Places to buy record:
Blacklink Store (Cheapest):
White Peach, Red Eye, Juno, Unearthed, Vinyl-Digital (Germany), DeeJay (Germany),
with more still to be added. e.g. Phonica, Idle Hands, RWDFWD, etc.

Cheers for the support guys - Much appreciated! <3


" ‘Deadcell’ — a bittersweet five minutes of abstract, trap euphoria — first emerged at the back end of 2014 and has since taken on mythical status online, with entire forum threads dedicated to rumours of its prospective release "

Love how the official press release statement is giving DSF a shout. :joy: