Glassy/Weightless Grime


Anybody got an ID on that bit at 20 mins, Heard it somewhere before.





Not quite sure if this fits the bill, may be a bit too aggy, got another track which deffo does though to upload soon.


yeah what is the 20 min tune in last circ rhythms it’s so dope

@leelulz i am guessing it’s by myth, not one i know

/whatever alias he’s under now



It’s quite good anyway.


next in the series comes from shanghai :slight_smile: kilo vee killed this mix - club heaterz from beginning to end


Has anyone got a mirror for the Mumdance podcast on Rinse? It keeps failing


Dark0 - Oceana EP


XL is killing it with the signings this year.


The artwork alone makes it worth copping. Sick.



yo so if anyone managed to grab that spooky rihanna edit called iirc “electric riri” off of his soundcloud before it got taken down I’d appreciate if you’d PM me


Yeah that artwork is decent!



on rinse tonight with coyote - first time ! running 2100-2300 if you wanna tune in - some tribal / uk techno stuff to start then coyote / grime bits at the end


nice 1, good to see people on here making movements


thx g!

podcast up now 4 anyone that wants to have a listen - bare dubs inside, happy to ID any bits too


big ups man, listened to it yesterday


so many bangers, wouldn’t mind a full tracklist if you have the time

big ups


thanks for checking it out guys ! really appreciate it - yeah i’ll do a tracklist this week for sure :slight_smile: big up


Local Action are on a roll this year, they’ve just announced 3 albums, all top notch projects imo.

First up is Lil Jabba’s Grotto, a sort of sequel album to Scales from more than 3 years back. Releasing on Halloween :smiling_imp:

Second one on the list is Yamaneko’s long awaited solo work in two years, Project Nautilus.

Last one on the list is from pop artist DAWN. Don’t know how they linked up with such a huge star but this album’s definitely going to be a classic. Also got a lot of production work from Machinedrum.