Glassy/Weightless Grime


Other big news, Mumdance is releasing a Different Circles mix CD featuring back catalog of older Different Circles releases + unreleased bits and forthcoming tracks for DIFF006.

Looks like DIFF006 is going to be Weightless Vol. 2.
Tracklist (no certain order on it):
Mumdance & Logos - Cafe Del Mar
Shapednoise - Deep Core Consciousness
Yamaneko - Shadow Temple Early
Fis - Angels of the Water Table
Inkke - Pioneer
Sharp Veins - Already Bones


really really need to catch up on all this stuff, new material coming out of everywhere atm, really liked lil jabba’s last thing on LA so will defo check that out, bit underrated imo

i tracklisted my recent rinse show with coyote, @topmo3 asked for it before so it’s there for anyone else interested too !


link to the boxed x local action zip file, some bangers in there.


anyone rolling boxed x local action friday??? so skint but line up is just insane


Glad to see some ninjas making some waves.

Also Boxed just put out a free 16 track compilation ahead of their night on Friday.


Dark0 is killing it in general tbh.


Oi now!


Hands down my favourite track of mine in just shy of six years as a producer and arguably one of my best


:snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:




sample from man like poot in cold world. “it’s a cold world, bodie!”


very cold


have I missed something or isn’t this still a dub?


yip still is,




Letta’s album from last year was one of the most haunting and personal albums I’ve ever seen so far. The backstory of drug addiction and violent shitty times he talked about from interviews really reflected in a way I’d never thought grime would do without vocals. The entire album basically transcends grime and genres in any way. Love to see what’s in store for his next LP.



this first tune in the mix though, vocal version of the recluse!



Nice to see Toasty is getting a release. I remember hearing two new tracks from him back in 2014 and then he sort of disappeared.

In other news…

New Silk Road Assassins mix from Radar Radio. That first track is so breathtaking, pretty sure if anything that’ll be the intro track for their album.

Incomplete TL of some highlights of the mix

8:40 - Silk Road Assassins x Mikey Dollaz - ???
36:00 - new Strict Face track, good vibes
42:45 - SRA - “Adamn” (?)
49:20 - SRA x Mikey Dollaz (and some other rappers on the vocals) - some banger of a track (Slide Thru?)
57:05 - Tom E. Vercetti & Chemist - Snitches