Glassy/Weightless Grime


nah i should do that now


it’s great


yeah new Letta is sick - maybe better than the last one??? Hold’s up as full body of work a little bit more I think, really rewarding when u listen to the whole thing from start to finish rather than just dipping into




uwu what’s this


new one by me


WHAT Toasty I swear he aint release in years


Might be worth a listen (more on the link) that sounds pretty grime esq


Most recent Circadian Rhythms show is a madness.


slept on this 1, first and last tunes are so real




Sick mix from Planet Mu’s head honcho.

According to the tracklist, there’s going to be:
forthcoming V1984 EP(?) on Knives (Planet Mu sub-label headed by Kuedo and Joe Shakespeare)
Sami Baha album
Silk Road Assassins forthcoming material, including a collab with rap group 5 Finger Posse :hooray:


That leads is sampled from an old trance tune dope no matter



SRA really nailed the whole grime / trap crossover better than most producers. It feels like this track has the raw low slung vibe of rap tracks but the BPM and raw energy of grime.


lol dumbo


agreed. think I made a post a while back wondering why grime mcs aren’t hitting up SRA instead the likes of The Heavytrackerz smh.


that post was so on point

they’re so fucking dope

like i swear uk road rap dons are short on fuckin imagination, they’re still stuck in stripped back drill mode when they should be pushing things like the weirdo american guys like future, thug, lil uzi, who are all using metro boomin stuff with glassy trancy synths

like i reckon they should be producing for some american rappers, has to be someone a bit more on the come up than future and uzi that would kill sra beats


I don’t get it how that’s “dumb” m8 it’s sampled from Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone, nice resampling as I say but you’re either trying to argue fact or just being a prick for being a prick’s sake.


it’s not sampled doofus, it’s an interpolation. or do you remember better off alone having that sick weightless square synth? secondly the track is called ‘alice’ ffs i think it’s pretty obvious where the lead is from, but thanks for pointing it out. it’s basically a cover version