Grime on rise in America?


ooph, that is poos




Beats are beats, but I can’t imagine a North American accent and dialect going good with a grime tune. It could get like how jungle MCs were putting on some fake patois in the states and it becomes incredibly cringe.

I’d pay to hear someone with a Newfie accent spit though.


yeah thats rare i think… but american electronic music is basically dominated by edm shit and the stuff that isnt sounds like:

this is trap.

its hard finding a term to use that rolls off the tongue easily.

this is something i had to avoid with my own projects since 99% of the vocals ive heard the last few years are in british accents i “naturally” sing and mc in one. But you guys dealt with american hip hop for decades im pretty sure you guys will love US grime once we get things sorted out here.


J Kush is Starkey? Eh?

Also Rabit is really not Grime outside of his very early releases tbh.


No, J-cush is an American transplant from NYC living in London and Starkey is from Philly.


Yeah, thats sort of what I was trying to get at tbh. People taking influence from the thing but not trying to just recreate it.

Stateside heads trying to make and play out uk grime is pretty fuckin bait, lot of people taking it in their own direction over here though (and in doing so, it becomes ‘not grime’)

I might be off base here, but grime in any country is pretty fuckin bait in 2016 anyways imo, havent really heard a new idea out of the grime scene in a long long time


Ahhhh. I had no idea and ive seen him play with spooky


Don’t know any stateside heads who are trying to be 100% grime like you’re describing, but a lot of US based producers who take influence from grime and do their own thing really make interesting results. When Rabit released the Riko Dan vocal for Black Dragons and followed it up with the Baptizm EP on Tri Angle my mind was blown. US based grime really peaked in 2013 when the instrumental grime scene was “revived”, and ended up finding their footing in production instead of releasing more bait squarewave eski sample jams.

J-Cush is probably the biggest US based head closest to grime, think he’s the DJ for Newham Generals now, but his Future Brown album and club tracks from producers he rates shows he likes to branch outside of grime.



that tune at 7m is raunchy


why did u post that? doesn’t look like the guy was trying to disapprove your point. that show is really good but usually he plays a lot of ballroom/jersey and trap type of stuff in his show as well, maybe even more than grime. also he was talking about production. idk if he has produced anything solo but at least the future brown LP has quite toned down grime influences iirc


Merely posted it because I had liked it last week on SC, still haven’t given it a listen, and thought @Doctor_Dave would appreciate the set.


lol what does that real grime MC radio spitting flow sound like in an american accent even


lol someone should make a sketch like this


idk, i have this video of Saule blacked out on skype tho


It depends… like i know one who sounds like niche bassline mcs used to sound. I sound like im whispering except with the n world flying around constantly. Its a mixed bag and some of them are pretty bait


I feel that America has the monopoly on the IDM kinda 606 trap style but aggy 4x4 grime with eski stabs etc will and always should stay a UK ting


American grime is an oxymoron.


Which is kinda what I’m saying, UK Grime is a genre by it’s very defintion of it’s style and of course it’s “origins”, trap is American grime basically. And the two should never blend seamlessly although ofc they’ll be some crossover