Grime on rise in America?


Dizzee Rascal 1hr interview on SWAY In The Morning.

Goes in on topics including history of UK Grime, his situation with Wiley, influence from the US and how London & UK has influenced the Americans.


“uk grime” xD

also that interviewer xD “newer guys in grime: tinie tempah, JAMMER…”


My bad player.

Copy and pasted from someone else fb feed.

I’d never say ‘uk’ grime as it’s already implied.


Not for long, trust!


Was pleasantly surprised to be introduced to this track over summer.


Beat is dope


Not America, but North America. Toronto, Ontario, Canada to be exact.


Here on my end… more of my friends found out about grime via the noisey documentary. Theres definately an interest in it…at least in the artistic circles.

There are us grime artists. I know a small grime producer collective but honestly their beats are kind of shit. And the few grime mcs that we have just dont sit right with me. There are two grime mcs out of miami but their tracks are stale imo and the last one with a brostep producer was just pure cringe.

But theres interest and eventually we may have a few decent youths trying out and becoming moderately succesful at it.


well no shit

letta and rabit


these guys are fucking weird. watched like the first minute. they’re playing ping pong and discussing how they get grime to a “drake” level of popularity in america. cmon guys fuck off


:neutral_face: If you watched further they go on to say how that would never happen and that Grime till never be as big as Hip-hop in North America.

They’re actually not weird at all and pretty talented. Booked them for the first event I threw back in January 2007.


yeah of course they probably realize that but that’s what they’re promoting and or dreaming of. like it’s always the ultimate goal to get something to be as popular as possible… I’m like why?


ofc it will never be possible to make grime as big as hip hop…but it might be possible to get it to point where its an “Acceptable” alternative to hip hop… Just like how trap is dominant but oldskool style lyrical hip hop is still an option.

idk isnt that more like wieghtless grime or whatever you call it now? I was thinking producers in the line of Sir Spyro, Terror Danjah, Filthy Gears, etc Along with american grime MCs


I like that way up someone’s posted a pic of mala and it’s actually pokes :joy:

@dansci you mean like that American that’s done tunes with Trim, has a release on Keysound and been around forever but I can’t think of his name to save my life.

Edit: Starkey


Edit: J Cush


why though? that’s all I’m asking. why is it so important to get americans as a whole to ‘accept’ grime? that’s what I fail to understand. nothing good has ever come out of that


any ‘grime’ producers worth listening to in the States arent trying to emulate UK grime, they are making it their own.

I saw a local ‘grime’ act a while back trying to emulate the UK stuff and it was cringe af.


Canadians though.

Couldn’t care less if Americans were to accept Grime.


I know for me i love grime and electronic music in general…an i would be happy if everybody can enjoy the music i like too.


And yeah that video is still technically a uk sound. It still borrows heavily from uk producers. Us derived electronica has a different vibe than that.


yeah not the best example of rabit’s music in the context of this discussion tbh but I mainly meant US grime people just biting eski beats and talking about ‘the ends’ etc; very ZZZzzz

also, please stop using the term electronica lol, its just the 90s version of EDM… marketing suits came up with electronica to sell records to white people that were culturally afraid of the music and rave scene.