Grime on rise in America?


only one Z but yeah it was her


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Isnt grime dubstep?


Eh. I dont think Reso belongs in that list. Even though he did dubstep, i believe it was more than just the average brostep. When i listen to his dubstep, i never even think about the word brostep. Take his song, Creature, for example. It has a different feel to it. I can personally respect it more than stuff by datsik even though i like some of his music, as well.


grime is tech house.


Liking something doesn’t stop it from being brostep doe.


lol ok


why dont u just answer instead of bitching…

so to answer that, i wouldnt consider grime dubstep. but as everybody needs to understand in the end its all music, no categories needed


Youre right about that but people say brostep is a “joke” and Reso’s music doesn’t sound like a joke (in my opinion). I consider the term “brostep” a subjective term that characterizes a certain sound. I dont see his music in that sound category. His stuff is hard, but it doesnt sound mindless. It seems to have a direction. A reason, if that makes any sense. I guess the bottom line is that if brostep is just a subjective term (people claim that it was just a joke when it first was coined, therefore, theres no official requirement for something to be called brostep) then its just the opinion that matters. Personal opinions.


there is no official requirement for anything to be called any genre! obviously its all manmade…

but for the given criteria under which music is categorized mostly, i would say ‘brostep’ is music that is popculture influenced noisy music with big focus noisy midrange to highrange synths as well as partly very cheesy sounds and atmospheres and not so much focus on the low end or drums or space.


I can accept that first part. But what DO you consider it? Do you just say its electronic and leave it at that? I couldve sworn that when i first began listening to stuff like night by benga and coki people were saying it was grime. I began calling all early dubstep from that time period “grime.” This is before i learned that rappers in the uk were big shit. I just thought it was lyricless music.


You could say the same about a lot of people who make that kind of sound.

but the emphasis is still on midrange & not the weight/space… ie brostep.


Eeh. Are you expressing your own opinion on that one or are you mocking the people that fuck up things with subgenres?


Good point. I just think, based on its rep, that calling someone a brostep producer is like calling them shit. But if thats the subgenre, then so be it.


first of all everything i say is obviously my own ‘opinion’ and for the second part: no, i did not have that in mind.

i dont get why youre treating this statement so suspicious.


that is the case though.

well… maybe not shit, but not good & not dubstep


Nah man. I just have a lot of questions. In a lot of situations, blunt answers arent enough for me. I have to dissect things, most times so that i wont have anymore questions. Im only probing because your statement was unclear to me.


I can understand the dislike, but DAMN yall dont respect the shit enough to even say its dubstep by a technicality (because its a subgenre of dubstep)?


the only thing they share sometimes is a 140 bpm halftime beat…


brostep isn’t a subgenre

it is its own sound

and this.