Grime on rise in America?




sorry mate, the internet…


This threads genuinely beginning to do my head in.


So you dont consider it dubstep even though it IS a subgenre of dubstep? Like i said, i can understand, the hate, but the shit is like an inevitable evolution of dubstep, breaking down into its own subgenre. I guess since not many people take it seriously that thats the reason they dont consider it dubstep. I can see it that way, too.


Didnt see this pop up while i was typing.


If brostep has no roots and its its own sound, i guess the creator should be praised for making such a popular subg-oh WAIT! Its not even a subgenre! Its a genre of its own. I believe a genius is someone smart enough to create something new, right? Hm. Never wouldve thought the guy that created brostep was a genius…

Seriously though, if its not dubstep and only a subgenre of electronic music…jesus Christ this is confusing. Subgenres make me want to commit suicide.


of course he was. american marketing specialists are somewhat genius




ye man give skrillx a prize!!!


Didn’t rusko take responsibility for brostep


“Brostep is sort of my fault, but now I’ve started to hate it in a way,” Rusko told BBC1’s MistaJam on air.



Tryptocaine - Change Remix ft. PeaceTreaty:

For some dumb reason, i thought i knew something about this brostep situation. I thought i knew who might have began it. The song up above. For some reason i thought it was the beginning of the bro thing. I couldve sworn that song was older than just three years. Welp ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, the song that got me into electronic music. Song lost its umph since ive heard many other types of music. I see that song as simple. I still like it a little. I may listen to the first minute of it like three times a year. My first love still has a place in my heart.


who gives a fuk


It obviously wasnt for the people that dont give one :stuck_out_tongue:


fuck ameridfcv






Grime in America = mosh pits


I remember seeing a video of people in holland or something moshing to a youngsta set