Grime on rise in America?


Looks like Skepta’s mashing it up in the states right now. Good stuff.


Rabit killed it here in San Francisco last friday


Bezt raperz uv awl tiem: Drake, Lil B, Lil Wayne, John Cena (!)

I thought everyone knew Rusko started transitioning into Brostep, based on releases in late 2007, after his Babylon: Volume 1 release. I would consider the first true Brostep track to be Rusko’s - 2 N A Q.



Wasn’t able to make it. I want to ask how it was but guess that’s pointless now. Meh.



Ah, thats a bummer! Theres a ton of good stuff incoming tho at least!

Do you actually live in the city?


Still getting into grime now, late to the party, but I was just listening to Rabit. Really good stuff. I don’t know of any good grime nights in Los Angeles (probably doesn’t exist), but of course LA has its own beat music scene, so maybe I should just suck it up and go back to the overly-crowded, sometimes overrated Low End Theory.


low end theory glory days are long over unfortunately. not even the residents are really reliable any more




datsik has mad bass weight tho


“and the crowd moshed”


Yeah pretty sad, I miss going and seeing Mary Anne Hobbs with FlyLo guesting and not being ultra crushed by people


Grime died in 2007.

England is a predominantly white country.

This is why music such as Grime can never flourish. Even Dubstep was stolen from Blacks.


out, out of here…


Yes there are quite a lot of black dubstep producers but I don’t think that means that dubstep is exclusively black music that was stolen by white people. So you think Skream and Loefah stole the style from Benga and Coki? It’s not the same as the story of jazz or rock n roll.


Dubstep isn’t tied to any particular race, it’s a melting pot of all different styles, influences and cultures


I do. I’m a rent control veteran, in fact. :sunglasses:

Hit me up next time, we’ll organize a Ninja Roll.

I’d argue that the UK’s culture has as much or more to do with dubstep’s conception overall than merely race. Clearly the biggest debt is to Jamaican music, but it was the UK’s whole postcolonial cultural hodgepodge that put it all together. Put another way, black music was an ingredient, even the main ingredient… and the UK was the chef.

Although now I think about it maybe equating British cooking with music that’s actually good wasn’t the best comparison possible…


Dubstep was invented by white people…Influences from El-B’s music led to Benny Ill to start up the dubstep scene, which was then followed by Menta, Steve Gurley, Zed Bias, Kode9 and Darqwan until Hatcha started to DJ it around 2002, starting the scene up for people like Skream, Benga, D1, Loefah and DMZ.

In the UK you can forget about your “white music” and “black music” this isn’t America.

Grime on the other hand, was invented by Wiley iirc


Coki, Mala, and Benga all want to have a word with you…


i dont see coki,i dont see mala, nor see i benga on this picture :dancers: