Grime on rise in America?


Just remembered how much I hate Borgore. Theres this one guy near me whos on buygore and you always get the impression he thinks he’s some omniscient dj god every time he says something on fb.


Is that Burial?


Guy in the back in the colourful jacket? Looks like him, doesn’t it?


isnt that kulture?


tbf with that image quality it may be me; who could tell.


Yes man. Will do. Likewise if ya going out to something rad, shoot me a pm.

Shame you missed out this time around. Met up with lyeform and kay the night before the show. Got proper nerdy for a sec.


Haha. You are nothing but a misinformed Uncle Tom.


You are really stupid.


The root aesthetics of what we now know as ‘dubstep’ have been around since the 80’s at least though.

Drums, bass, space, effects, 140ish bpm

Modern synthesis is really the only thing that gives dubstep any separation from dub, for me it has just come full circle, just the advancement of production techniques has opened up more opportunities within that realm. To say that dubstep is an ‘invention’ sort of implies that the ideas are more pioneering than they really are. It’s more of a mutation, or a re-appropriation of existing ideas in the grand scheme of things.

Think I’ve made a slight hash of explaining what I’m getting at but do you see what I mean?

Sorry for fully derailing the thread n all


So I guess Artwork, one of the founders of dubstep is misinformed…ok then.


Yeah, but when dubstep first came about…it sounded much more like garage than dub to begin with.


Not really, because over here for most of the time, no one cares if white people like rap or that modern rnb music or black people like rock or metal etc.

Maybe I shouldn’t of generalised, but I did…so what are you gonna do about it

Oh yeah, you’re the moron who believes dubstep was stolen from blacks :badteeth:



who is the dude in the pink t tho?


Barclay James, one of Oneman’s mates


No lol grime will NEVER go mainstream in America, and if by some miracle it does, it will be some rap infused deep house trap shit…


of course real proper underground uk shit won’t go mainstream anywhere. the problem is them telling u otherwise, marketing it as ‘grime’ and finally what happened to ‘dubstep’ (and several other names for types of music) through the usa will happen to it as well


The words you’re looking for are “future grime”


Yeah lol all you have to do is say its “post” or “future” something and people will gobble it up…speaking of, what are your thoughts on Hegemon? There releases tend to be a little UK underground-ish.


Im curious, how popular is grime in the UK compared to hip hop. What are peoples attitudes towards both genres?


There’s a rise in middle class 15 year old white kids who act like they’ve always been about grime because they heard a stormzy track once. Can’t fully describe it, but when you see them you just know