Grime on rise in America?


About 1 month ago, I heard these middle class mid-western young adults playing grime music. Probably has something to do with Drake.


Was at a party in January and met some people who work in fashion because they said they liked grime and someone who knew me told them I’m from London. Started chatting to them about it and they only knew about skepta. I suppose it make sense since their interests are all things fashionable.


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Shutdown isnt even
but I’m laffing
cos rels in Crooked Sounds can go to States
and boost theyselves on opening for Skepta & Wiley in '11.

there were barely 20 cats there!


same thing in here. I mean of course “knowers know” and there have been like people who brought like I fink Jammer to perform in like 2006 or some ish but with what’s happened with skeppy and stormzy in 2015 has certainly brought grime to the attention of some fuccbois. I know this shitty dj collective who up until recently played really bad festival trap and “twerk” whatever the hell that is on they radio show but now it’s all stormzy and skepta and even rhythm and gash xD


Grime on rise

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Its a new novelty for ppl

But like theres no big scene in london of kids puttin out loads of grime shit anymore really, right? Its club music nerds who have revived the grime flava for a few years with boxed and shit like that, then theres the new wave grime fans who like stormzy and skepta and novelist singles. Some of those are good but if u compare it to some actual active grassroots scene like trap in the US its nothing, those days seem gone for grime. At least for grimey grime. Theres now loads of uk MCs making boring shit trap/“road rap” and i swear ppl only get into that cus they already listened to grime and that stuff is what the OG street grime scene turned into, even though its boring crap compared to US trap.


There always have and always will be a hundred thousand kids from london making grime. Without that, the genre falls below critical mass and ceases to exist. Seriously though, the stuff people here rate is pretty cut off from what a lot of people actually listen to, by and large, it’s too dubsteppy.


I really had the impression there’s loads of kids rapping/making beats in London still, and that scene is made up of “the grime scene” but the beats tend towards trap styles, the club/DJ/mixing sets elements aren’t as prevalent etc

I don’t know really I guess, ain’t in London but that’s my impression


It kinda does, just that that’s where grime’s at now. Eski-driven stuff stopped being relevant a minute ago. It’s kinda gone full circle in a sense, Dizzee (and I presume others) started making grime as a direct response to southern hip hop.


That’s not true

Dizzee said he was inspired a bit by three 6, but grime wasnt caused by southern hip hop.

Grime was the raw, street version of vocal 2step garage. That’s where the evolution comes from, not “hmm lets try this southern hip hop thing”

Grime as a scene precedes dizzee


Also Eski was alway just one style

Jon E Cash ain’t Eski, Bigshot ain’t Eski etc


I don’t see it like that tbh. I’d say 8-bar and eski are more about 2 step, but grime, at least post dizzee, is more of a hip hop thing. Which is why you see so many tropes of early hip hop, too, showing up over the years.


tbh despite what certain man would have you believe, outside of London grime never displaced US hip-hop even when it was at its peak and most people in the UK just think British people rapping = grime regardless of the style.


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