How to sound like ? thread


I’d say there’s some pitch-bending on the notes and an LFO, probably on the volume. I think the main thing is notation.
FL has ‘slide notes’ which make this kind of thing easier, if that’s what you’re using. Otherwise, I think most DAWs mandate you do it in the synth, so you’d need various instances of the wobble depending on the bending you’re going for. Start out by trying to copy the bassline notes, then apply the wobble, then apply the techniques to your own stuff.

Could also be a key tracking LFO on the volume, in which case massive would be a good synth to go for.


^ yeah sounds like that to me too, three notes - mid>high>low, either pitchbend or portamento between them with LFO on the volume


Heavy slide on the notes, also it’s layered with a detuned version of itself to give extra resonance.


Always wanted to know how Gantz creates the texture that he does, I’ve never known any music like it, let alone dubstep. All feels really natural and un-quantized, and he usually has some sort of sidechain going on right? If anyone has any clue how the fuck he manages to make the sounds he does it’d be most welcome


He uses a lot of harp glissando/arpeggio. For the beats he does a lot of that ‘flying lotus’ quantizing, kicks and snares usually on the beat, but off beat hits like shakers/hats late. Detuned oscilators in bass patches for that ‘beat frequency’ rumble, etc.


yeah very flylo - - tight envelopes - spacious. You can hear the beats are really balanced, meaning a kick is not confused with a snare and occupy another frequency than a kick completely.

Lots of panning the little extra perc elements out of the way of the main elements.

Kick has a bit of a flop to it. It sort of ‘plops’ out on top of the sub.

The fx is mixed really loudly - taking over the rest when it comes in.


Is there a video or something where flylo discusses this drumming technique?


He plays everything in live afaik, he doesn’t actually use any quantizing, it’s all feel


Flying Lotus

Sidehain everything to everything
Use a PadKontrol
Smoke copious amounts of purple kush


One day, I’m gonna try something new by using less than 3 layers to make one kick.


Could you answer the question please?


Flylo has a bitcrusher on all of his tracks (he’s said as much but there’s a place for it imo) and quite a low threshold on the side comp

He comes up with a beat on the champs podcast but there’s not a lot of tips.

the swing is all feel
and mainly about picking breaks with space in them
or just not cutting them up too much if they were picked for the groove

  • nothing special except for the excessive bitcrush


I thought I already did. He doesn’t use any quantization, he plays it all in live.


The question was "is there a video in which flylo discusses this drumming technique?"
Not, “what does flylo do for drums”.

The reason I ask is that watching/reading an explanation from the man himself is a very different experience to reading you tell me what you saw from it.


There isn’t a video that I know of…the reason I know he doesn’t use quantization is cos I asked him. He did a live QA on twitter or somewhere before ‘You’re Dead’ was released where he picked questions and answered them. I asked if he used quantization in his beats and he replied simply: No, it’s all feel



flylo is not anything new

he’s basicly madlib or dilla with a bit of sun rah or some other pretentious gash thrown on top when a journo writes about him

so its about mpcs or the way you work with mpcs - done well

then there’s also the fact that he uses a lot of software effects and has mastered (actually just summed) some of his released work in a daw (opposed to the other cats that would do that in a studio) . . but that is the difference

its all the same crates and mostly the same machines


@swerver, Cheers

@hubb, yeah I’m hip, just woulda been nice to catch a video of a good producer in the studio lol


If you could pose a questiuon that could help you out with the bit you’re struggling with then do that. I mean specifically.
That could maybe help some other people out too.


+1, you can hear dilla’s influences in flylos music…but to his credit, flylo did kind of push the boundaries a bit with his crazy ‘all over the place’ hi hats and that


I got that for you here
(but a repost)

btw I think i read a pretty good interview with thundercat one time where he talked about flylo - - but youd have to google i cant remember where