"I wear my own garms, man see me on road and want arms " - Favourite Grime Vocals


Run Out Riddim is such a good send and the instrumental is HUGE! Dexplicit >>>>


Short but sweet



donaeo must be there for cringest mc in grime

whenever he does that ‘oi mate lOOK MATE SHUT UR MOUTH, SHUTH UR MOUTH’ thing im always so baffed, like u sound so stupid wtf do you think you’re doing - heard him do it live in old sidewinder set after everyones going in and it’s such a flop

+dont do drugs just have seeeex! off bounce

i dont think i’ve ever got past first line of ‘few MY DOGS JUST BARK’ on aim high either

he can write a beat tho and im fly is a top banger but still


But mannawearmannawearmannawearblack


man who is this Stormzy and why is he so “known” all of a sudden or did I miss out for that long? Not all that either, boring snoring voice, little flow (if any) from those that I’ve heard


He’s alright, better than a lot at the minute. He’s been around for a while but has blown up cos of a few tunes,


hrm will have to check some more I guess, only seen 3 but didn’t feel it


Nah fam, hate it. You’ve already made your mind up.




Hyper was on that new Jammer tune, now this… I hope hes back for good. Was far too good to quit.



For anyone who missed the critically acclaimed follow up to ‘Mans on road’ here’s ‘Man get stupid’. Featuring less varied bars and an instrumental that sounds like the bastard love child of Loafy’s Goat stare and Youngstar’s Pulse X. Inspiring stuff


skip to 2.30 for some risible mr wong action






everyone going mad on this,

54 secs in Jammer: ‘please’ and before that skepta going ‘it’s my turn!’ lool


this entire set tbh.