"I wear my own garms, man see me on road and want arms " - Favourite Grime Vocals


ok im guessing that’s chronik that says that


That constant changing of the title cracks me up. Carry on




kinda slept on a lot of wiley since playtime is over, this is a banger


play rossi b + luca+ nasty crew- run for cover to make everyone think u have a dubplate special of tap-a-tap

i rate tap a tap it’s hype, think teddy goes a bit more nuts on run for cover still


The first time I knifed man, it felt funny.
The next day come, it became funny.


feel like this kid is p good;


forgot i had this till yesterday. BANG BANG BANG




yo. do we need a thread for all the new vocals coming out. i think we do- lot’s of good shit coming out and this thread’s focus is heavily on golden age classics


It’s overly warm, heat keeps man overly warm in a war/ bout to overly storm in the nighttime with a couple nines and a sawn/ don’t watch me, rude boy watch porn/ you don’t wanna see the jewellery get pawned in front of the wifey and the newborn/ you don’t wanna get laid out on the lawn/…
-d double e

Realist lyrics I’ve heard in my life


yeah, 2015 is probably the first year in a while that has seen a good number of promising MCs come through. Jammz, Cadell, Mic Ty, Big Zuu, AJ Tracey and Rocks FOE I’m all rating and there are numerous others as well.


Would pay top dolla for 320+



got the instru on vinyl. so hard!


Yeah I got it when Logan Sama was selling off some old stock.


haha same!


im gonna trawl the old HD’s as i think i may have this lurkin…



It came out on some bootleg… its terrible quality tho.


New Ruff Sqwad: