Innamind Recordings // Blacklist



Loving this one around 7 mins in. If that’s on the release it’s an instacop from me


Three best tunes from that promo mix :dudebro:


Why Won’t You I can take or leave after a few listens but Flashin’ is such a tune. Really drives forward, can’t stay still once that bass pattern kicks in. Zero Shift very nice too, nice deep atmos. without overdoing it.


Yes Why Wont You is so sick! didn’t realise it was getting released!
Ago is a ridiculous producer


niiiice been rinsing that mix…Zero Shift banging in the motor :jointbounce: just got Untitled 097 cut too


Huge tunes. :crossed_swords:


Cool EP! Zero Shift is the winner!


Any idea when 019 is dropping?
I’m not missing this one


Pre orders next wednesday at 7pm gmt


Imrv019 is up… go go go…unearthed has it maybe more


Available to order Wednesday the 28th of June at 7pm GMT


Please m8s, whats the ID on the second tune? Right after DJ Deller- Mercenary Kuts.

Beautiful sample from from the classic Mary J Blige Changes I’ve been going through


Copped :gunfinger:


IMX003 :mrgreen:


kinda didn’t think this would be released :cornstrobe:
I wonder what’s on the other side :hmm:


yeah same, no idea what will be on the flip tho


Dream plate


fuuuck finally


i’m hoping for this