Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


Sleng ting


It’s not unusual for innamind/blacklist to put more than 2 tunes on a 12"

Or am I just being greedy :sunglasses:


Live on Radar rn, a bit late but

Fuuck oooff!

i could mention ones but ill leave it as suprise


Who did the Roll With The Punches Remix/Refix? Karma has played it before on the show


You called it man that is such a stand out tune. yea its also in the March show.


this one?


No its sumthin else, pretty incredible

@ 9min Headland - Seen
@ 11mim Loefah & Pokes - ? - 001
@ 15min Foamplate - net (or nettle?)
@ 39mim Peverelist - Roll with the punches (? Remix)


That remix of Roll with is also in Innamind March Karma / Kursk show

@ 0min ? Rider Shafique vocal
@ 8min Headland- Seen
@ 14min Horror Show style ? remix
@ 24min - Las Uuha Egoless remix
@ 24min - Peverelist - Roll with the punches (? Remix)


ah yeah, just gave it a listen, interesting take on the classic

thinking about roll with the punches remixes reminded me of this gem as well, so gut


Do we know the flip for eva808 yet? Up for order on wednesday


Oh shit almost forgot that was this Wednesday


hey man, is there any chance you still have the 320 to this ?
I missed it and just remembered about it:/


probably yeah, will upload it somewhere but won’t be able to do it till tomorrow now…ping me if i forget :badteeth:


Really appreciate it, hope it’s on par with the other radar sets



Sampled Doom on the flip


Copped. Not sure about B but prrr is dope, was waiting for this one.


copped in the Kroger parking lot :gunfinger:


wooha already sold out at unearthed?


On Redeye too!