Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


Oh shit son




:gunfinger: they’re doing a run of t shirts for the release as well, definitely wanna cop one


Still missing the podcasts, karma mainly i guess, love his selections and…organic mixing lol


nice tunes especially like Vampires, bless up for sharing!


Karma is such a good dj man, haven’t seen him since system last summer I think



Ok, I think Foamy’s remix is coming in at the 1h 50min mark, after Ago - Untitled 097


Im remembering the Dubtro promomix 4 Innamind. Usually promomix anounces a record, but still nothing unfortunatly. His track Blue World deserves his place in their catalog



That mix is one of favourites. So much heat. Shame it never led to anything. Dubtro was definitely meant to have a release forthcoming but I feel like it got cancelled


I not 100% sure but I think those tunes are coming on Gourmet Beats instead of Innamind now



Please is there somebody who still have got the tune Mikael - Mellow Dub in his files and could share it to me please ? It was a free tune on his soundcloud but old and now deleted. I hope someone still got it!




me too, did u say there was tshirts coming too?


Yeah should be apparently
@swerver dropping this Sunday according to comments on their Instagram


I just wanna say I’m so happy that they’ve incorporated their old style artwork into this, looks so fucking good


yeah big fan of the old artwork they used.


Sweet bruv, cheers